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My 3 Month Transformation – After 3 Boxes of TestoFuel 



My Results:

. I reduced my body fat by 10%

. I gained 1 inch of muscle on my arms

. Significant increase in muscle tone/definition.







How Did TestoFuel Help Me Get Ripped?

Answer: TestoFuel gives you a better Testosterone-to-Cortisol Ratio. 

I had always stored more body fat than others in my stomach region (especially my lower abdomen). TestoFuel allowed me to enhance fat burning in these stubborn areas, thanks to a higher testosterone-to-cortisol ratio.

When cortisol dominates this ratio, it is much harder to burn fat in these stubborn areas. This is because cortisol is a stress hormone, whose main attribute is to store fat.


How Did TestoFuel Help Me Add 1 Inch of Muscle to Each Arm?


I used to train arms just once per week to avoid overtraining them. However, when I started supplementing with TestoFuel, I began to notice that my arms were a lot less sore after each workout and were recovering faster than usual. This is a sign of higher testosterone levels. So, as an experiment I started training my arms 3 times per week.

This increased frequency plus higher testosterone levels allowed me to pack on 1/2 inch to each arm in the first 6 weeks of supplementation. If I’d done 3 arm sessions like this without higher testosterone levels, I know I’d have overtrained my arms; and I wouldn’t have put on much size as a result.


I Ordered the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package 

I often get asked which package I ordered and “how many boxes should I buy?”. First of all, I bought the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package (below) and recommend this option for maximum results.

ultimate muscle gainers package

Why I chose the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package?


. 100% money back guarantee – nothing to lose

You are automatically entitled to your money back with this deal, so TestoFuel takes all the risk and not you (this guarantee does not apply to 1 or 2 box bundles).

. Testosterone boosters delayed effect

Test boosters can take a while to kick in. So, I thought there would be no point trying it for just a month. 3 months is the perfect duration to give it a chance to really build up in your system.

. Free box of TestoFuel (save £31)

1 free

The Ultimate Gainer’s Package looks like the most expensive option, but actually is the cheapest. This is because you get a Free box of TestoFuel, allowing you to save £31. This package works out to an average spend of just £1 a day.

I saw the Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer as an investment into my physique. And the more investment you put into your physique (i.e. buying supplements in bulk), the more gains you will have and the more money you will save.

My Only Regret

I delayed ordering TestoFuel for 2 months. Looking back, in these 2 months I was missing out on superior testosterone levels which (had I ordered straight away) would have got me ripped a lot sooner than it eventually took.

Free Nutrition Plan

You get a free workout and nutrition plans when you order 3 boxes of TestoFuel. I followed their Nutrition Plan consistently, which had some great info in. I would say following this played a part in helping me define my abs. As the saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen”.


Mine and Alex’s T Levels

Here’s a typical weight-lifting scenario that happened between me and my friend/gym partner – Alex (below). Two of us went to the gym regularly, did the same workouts, ate pretty much the exact same diet. Despite this I was packing on muscle at a faster pace than Alex (although I wasn’t very big compared to what I look like now).


Alex’s 4 month Transformation after supplementing with TestoFuel


Then one day, out of curiosity, we decided to pay to get our testosterone levels checked from our local doctor. Then Booom! It all clicked. The reason behind my bigger gains in the gym was due to a 138% higher free testosterone score. This confirmed to me that testosterone is a very powerful anabolic hormone and the more you have of it, the more muscle you will build/fat you will burn.

Alex learned from his results and started investing in a few test boosters. The first he tried was a tribulus terrestris based test booster which didn’t work for him. I then persuaded him to try TestoFuel, and after 4 boxes worth he had some great gains from it too.

Why is Testofuel So Effective?


. Vitamin D

Vitamin D has a direct impact on testosterone. As vitamin D levels in the body increase, so does Testosterone. Sunlight is a great vitamin D booster, but due to work requirements or weather, a lot of people are deficient in this vitamin. This is one of the great benefits of supplementation.

. Oyster extract

Oysters are one of the best foods for being rich in zinc. Zinc has a positive influence on testosterone production, for its ability to minimize estrogen levels in men. Estrogen is a female hormone, and acts in the opposite way to testosterone (less muscle building, less masculinity).  And when estrogen rises, T quickly declines. Limiting this hormone, is essential for maximum T.

. Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6

The popular ZMA supplements on the market have proven to increase testosterone, and these three ingredients listed make up the ZMA formula. We don’t know the amount of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 in ZMA due to it being patented. But here are the values of these ingredients in TestoFuel:


Zinc – 10mg

Magnesium – 200mg

Vitamin B6 – 5mg

These doses are a decent amount and enough to see a nice rise in testosterone levels. 10mg of zinc equals 67% of your daily intake. Magnesium, 50% of your daily intake. And vitamin B6 a whopping 250%. It would be nice to see the magnesium dose a bit higher though.

All of TestoFuel’s ingredients are safe and natural, contrary to steroids and pro hormones that can often cause ill-effects. This is always the most important factor for me when buying a supplement – that it is safe.


Studies Published on TestoFuel’s Ingredients

. Zinc

“There’s a significant correlation between zinc supplementation and increased Testosterone Levels” 

– Pubmed Study (see below)

zinc study


. Magnesium 

“Magnesium supplementation increases free and total testosterone levels”

– Biological Trace Element Research (see below)

magnesium study

. Vitamin D

“Vitamin D significantly increases Testosterone”

– Department of Internal Medicine (see below)

vit d study

Thus, the ingredients in Testofuel are proven. In comparison, other supplements are sometimes seen containing rather low-profile and low researched ingredients that can not only be a waste of money, but can also harm your health.



The only thing stopping TestoFuel getting a 5 out of 5 rating, is the non-inclusion of Tribulus Terrestris, as Tribulus is also effective for increasing T. However, Tribulus is different to the TestoFuel ingredients due to it being reported to have adverse side effects, such as excess adrenaline production – leading to anxiety. So maybe the guys at TestoFuel were right to skip the inclusion of this herb after all.

Also my brother who also lifts weights wanted to try TestoFuel because of the results I had, but he couldn’t because he is a vegetarian and the capsules are coated in gelatin. So it’s unfortunate TestoFuel don’t cater for veges.


TestoFuel Review Score – 4.5/5



Important Note: 1 box of TestoFuel isn’t going to suddenly help you pack on muscle mass and give you six pack abs. It takes a few months of consistent supplementation and hard work in the gym to get ripped.

The key to my gains was combining hard workouts + smart supplementation (over a few months) = Impressive Transformation.




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