GainZzz™ Supplement Review by Force Factor

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First of all – what a great name for a supplement! As you may have guessed by the title, GainZzz™ is a sleeping formula, allowing you to build muscle whilst you sleep. Supplements like these are my favourite because you are creating a more anabolic (muscle building) environment within your body when you are snoozing; which has to be […]

gh advanced

My GH Advanced+ Review

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My 3 Month Transformation after Supplementing with GH Advanced+ My Results  . I lost approx 11% body fat . My muscles look much bigger than before, due to more definition/tone. . My strength increased 25% on all compound lifts.   Month 1 The main thing I noticed was more definition in my shoulders and my abs […]

Ryan Beating Rob in competition

Lose Water to Get Dry and Shredded in 6 Days

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Water Retention and Looking “Dry” The more water that collects inbetween your skin and your muscles, the less defined and chiseled your physique will be. This effect can be observed after eating a salty meal, where this overload in sodium causes the body to retain excess fluid, causing a bloated and puffy appearance. This art […]


Crazy Bulk Review: Are Their Supplements Legit?

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When ordering legal steroid supplements online, there are 2 main things a potential buyer should look out for, with the first being: 1) Do the supplements work? has several body transformation reviews from happy customers, proving their products work when combined with hard work in the gym. Crazy Bulk have also grown a reputation […]


ProbioSlim Supplement Review

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ProbioSlim is a new supplement designed by Force Factor, the company behind the popular pre workout supplement – VolcaNO. In short, ProbioSlim is a probiotic supplement coupled with fat burning properties. Probiotic: A living micro-organism containing non-pathogenic bacteria (the good kind!).     Claims to: . Reduce diarrhoea . Reduce constipation/gas/bloating . Burn fat . […]


Myogenix AfterShock Recovery Review

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Tim Muriello gives an insight into the Myogenix AfterShock ingredients, and how such a supplement is critical during the recovery process, to rebuild your muscle tissue bigger and stronger from your previous workout. He also shares an insight into the different flavours and the taste of this post-workout supplement. The main advantage of Myogenix AfterShock […]


Thermakor Review: Best Fat Burner?

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My 3 Month Transformation – After 3 Bottles of Thermakor    What I Noticed: . Rapid Fat Loss . Improved Muscle Tone and Definition . Increased Energy   Save $38 with the 3 Month Bundle Deal My fat loss really turbocharged during the later stages of supplementation – being in the 2nd and 3rd months. […]