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My GH Advanced+ Review

My 3 Month Transformation after Supplementing with GH Advanced+



gh advancedMy Results 

. I lost approx 11% body fat

. My muscles look much bigger than before, due to more definition/tone.

. My strength increased 25% on all compound lifts.


Month 1

The main thing I noticed was more definition in my shoulders and my abs in month 1. I had more libido after my first few capsules – so that kicks in very quickly indeed!

Month 2

Fat loss was very obvious in the second month. My waist had become tiny and my muscles started to feel a lot more full. A few people had commented that I had put on more mass in he gym and asked if I had taken any supplement ;) My six pack also became noticeably more ripped during this period.

Month 3

Month 3 was absolutely insane. My strength went through the roof – increasing by 25% on bench press, squats, deadlifts and lat pulldowns. I had come to a plateau on these exercises so this really surprised  me. As a result of this hefty strength increase, my muscles grew faster than ever before. I had gone from chubby with a bit of size to being shredded with great size.

Best GH Advanced Package





HGH for Fat Loss

If you’re interested in GH Adavanced+ from a fat loss point of view, then I recommend getting at least 2 months worth. That 2nd month is the month where fat will start dropping off you with ease. I did notice some fat loss in the 3rd month as well, but the 2nd month was more noticeable.

HGH for Strength/Muscle

If you’re after strength and more muscle size then it’d be best to supplement for a minimum of 3 months. I had to wait until the 3rd month for GH Advanced+ to really kick in, but in fairness when it did – it was well worth the wait. After the 3rd month I got pretty jacked, which helped me smash through several plateaus.

How Does GH Advanced+ Work?

GH Advanced

GH Advanced + is based on several natural ingredients that can have a powerful effect on HGH levels.

HGH is a very powerful anabolic hormone in the body. This means with heightened levels you will build more muscle and burn more fat. It is also responsible for increasing libido, improving sleep quality and helping you look younger.

GH Advanced+’s Ingredients


L-Glutamine is an amino acid taken by many bodybuilders to speed up recovery inbetween workouts and to increase protein synthesis.

However, recent studies have concluded that taking doses of glutamine on an empty stomach prior to sleep or pre/post exercise resulted in a massive HGH spike of 400%. 


L-arginine is another amino acid, naturally occurring in foods such as nuts and watermelon. L-arginine is taken by bodybuilders due to its exceptional blood flow benefits. Thus when taken before the gym, bodybuilders can get much bigger pumps than usual.

Studies have shown that Arginine can increase HGH levels by 100% when ingested at rest. Others have shown that rises of 300-500% can be achieved when consumed close to exercise (1).

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is naturally occurring in soy lecithin. It is absorbed easily by the brain due to its water soluble structure. Once Alpha GPC is able to make its way past the blood-brain barrier, it stimulates the pituitary gland in the brain. The pituitary gland is responsible for how much growth hormone a person secretes. Research shows that when Alpha GPC is ingested after exercise – it can cause a 200% increase in HGH.


5-HTP is another amino acid that is present is many foods including chicken, cheese and milk. Research has shown that 5-HTP can cause a sharp rise in plasma HGH levels. It is unclear on how this happens, but one theory is that 5-HTP can result in higher serotonin and melatonin levels. These 2 hormones are responsible for higher sleep quality. We know that higher sleep quality means more HGH secreted by the pituitary gland.

GH Advanced

Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and

Ryan Beating Rob in competition

Lose Water to Get Dry and Shredded in 6 Days

Water Retention and Looking “Dry”

The more water that collects inbetween your skin and your muscles, the less defined and chiseled your physique will be. This effect can be observed after eating a salty meal, where this overload in sodium causes the body to retain excess fluid, causing a bloated and puffy appearance. This art of manipulating water levels can make a huge difference on stage and is usually the deciding factor in which bodybuilder finishes 6th or 1st.

You can apply the tricks in this post not just when entering competitions to get that edge over your fellow competitors; but also to social events i.e. wanting to look that extra bit shredded at the beach.

The first thing I should mention is that these techniques are for manipulating water and not fat. You need to be lean (under 10% body fat) for this to make a noticeable difference.  If you are under 10% body fat and you  successfully manipulate water levels effectively, you will go up a notch in terms of rippedness! Below is an example of the results you can expect from flushing out water from underneath the skin.

If you are at level 3 or below you will see significant changes, but if you’re a higher body fat % than level 4, then diet and cut down before you start manipulating water. You can look almost a whole level lower after ridding the body of water.

Level 4 – Abs almost showing









Level 3: Abs Showing









Level 2: Ripped Abs

Level 1: Shredded Abs


Ryan Terry’s Water Protocol 

When I attended the BodyPower Expo 2014, I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak to Ryan Terry. Ryan is a USN sponsored athlete that was the first ever British mens physique IFBB PRO. He has won the Arnold Classic Mens Physique category and has been national champion of the UK, beating Rob Riches in the process.

With Ryan displaying exceptional conditioning whenever he competes, I was really intrigued to get an insight into his water manipulation techniques that have helped him beat the best of the best. Thus the advice given below is more or less what he does to peak for competitions/photoshoots.

Ryan Beating Rob in competition

Ryan and Rob competing against each other


Drink Water to Flush Out Water

The best way to flush water out the body is to actually drink more water. When you drink more water your body acts similar to a fountain. Then when you cut out all water consumption 24 hours before competition or your show time, then your body will continue to flush out water, making you appear increasingly “dry”.

After 24 hours passes, your body starts to retain water as your body is now aware that you’re not drinking, your dehydrated and so it must preserve water levels for all your bodily functions.

Ryan starts to increase his water intake 6 days out and increases his water intake by 1 liter each day. This is a really good tip. Some competitors decrease there water intake rather than increasing it; which will only decrease the flushing process. Ryan also said that by the last day he is drinking up to 12 liters of water. Extreme results, require extreme measures!

Carb Depleting and Loading

The point of carb depleting and loading is to eliminate water retention outside of the muscle cell. Carbs bind with water, thus by carb depleting you will be flushing this extracellular (outside the muscle cell) water retention; as well as intracellular (inside the muscle cell) water retention. This is why after carb depleting your muscle may temporarily shrink as there is less water inside the muscle cell.

When the body is carb (energy) depleted, studies have shown that glycogen fills the muscle cells more efficiently as the body craves these carbs. This results in more full, vascular muscles.

How to Carb Deplete

Having less than 20g per day and incorporating full body workouts with a high intensity is the best way to deplete glycogen stores. Circuits and supersets can work well during this period. A small calorie deficit will also help. If you have been dieting for a while, then you will most likely be depleted to a degree already.


How to Carb up

Natural carb sources should be used during this period. unnatural and refined carb sources aren’t optimal during this time. Honey for example is one of the best foods for increasing glycogen stores due to its desired 1:1 ratio of fructose to glucose.

Many increase their carbs by 200g+ during carb up days. My personal opinion is that the best way to truly get full muscles is to increase not only carbs, but calories.

This is exactly why many competitors comment that they look better the day after competition as they enjoyed some of their favourite treats after competition and happened to overeat. As a result they appear more vascular, dry and full the following day.

If you are worried about “spilling over”, then eating maintenance calories will also help you fill out. Spilling over – the theory that consuming too many carbs during carb up days will result in water retention outside the muscle cell. 



Day 1: Carb Deplete – Less than 20g carbs per day. 9L of water

Day 2: Same. 10L of water

Day 3: Same. 11L of water

Day 4: Same. 12L of water

Day 5: Carb Load. Cut water up to 24 hours before your comp.

*Drink the same proportion of water as day before. Thus if you are to cut water out at 12pm, drink 6l of water before 12pm. If you are to cut water by 6pm, you would therefore drink 9 litres. This is the same ratio as the day before when you take in to account the hours of the day.

Day 6: (Day of Competition)


Some load on salt and some deplete salt before competition. Ryan Terry recommends cutting all salt/sodium out 72 hours before competition. The only potential problem with cutting salt is that the body reacts to this by raising aldosterone levels – which also causes water retention. I asked Ryan specifically about this and he said this happens after 72 hours, so anytime before then is fine.


When I asked for examples of diuretics he used during his prep Ryan revealed that he eats “shit loads of asparagus!” which is a powerful and natural diuretic. He also recommended dandelion and drinking a glass of red wine the night before competition. Alcohol is a natural diuretic and I think the choice of red wine is because of some of the health properties stemming from the high antioxidant content in grapes.

Vitamin C

Ryan also recommended supplementing with vitamin C during your prep to keep cortisol levels low. When cortisol (stress) levels rise during prep, your body will naturally hold more water. Dose: 1000mg x2 daily.

Vitamin C will particularly help when you’re depleting carbs because cortisol levels tend to rise during this period as your body’s energy stores are low.



My Favourite Fat Burner Supplement - Iron Cuts

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Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and

Crazy Bulk Review: Are Their Supplements Legit?


When ordering legal steroid supplements online, there are 2 main things a potential buyer should look out for, with the first being:

1) Do the supplements work? has several body transformation reviews from happy customers, proving their products work when combined with hard work in the gym. Crazy Bulk have also grown a reputation for being the number one legal steroid-selling site online. This can only happen when customers are happy and they are spreading the word about Crazy Bulk and recommending their favourite legal steroids and cycles.

Crazy Bulk Transformations

before and after


before and after


My Experience 

I decided to supplement with their Testosterone Max – Test-Tone Elite Series supplement – a powerful tribulus terrestris-based formula.

This testosterone booster supplement sent my strength levels through the roof and I found it easy to put on muscle mass as a result. I was able to significantly increase the weight on all my lifts, including 15kg on my bench press after just a few weeks of supplementation.

I gained about 1/2″ on each of my arms after supplementing with this testosterone booster for 1 month. This may not sound like loads, but when this is in the form of lean muscle, this is pretty dramatic growth. I also burned fat during my cycle and got a good six pack (below), but the muscle benefits of using this testosterone booster outweigh the fat burning benefits.

Why Is Testosterone-Max So Effective?

After much research online I was able to understand why my strength levels were so high after supplementing with Testosterone-Max’s main ingredient – tribulus terrestris. Tribulus is a central nervous stimulant. And when you go to the gym with a revved up CNS, your muscles take longer to fatigue when lifting weights.

This means that you will be able to lift much heavier weights and complete more reps than usual – due to this extra adrenaline release.

(Note: if you are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine then tribulus may not be for you due to increased adrenaline output).




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The second question a potential buyer should be wary of is:

2) Are they safe/is the company trustworthy?

Crazy Bulk are an FDA-inspected company, meaning their facilities and products are regularly being checked and tested to make sure they meet all quality requirements. This gives a lot of credibility to a company, as other (unprofessional) establishments sneak different substances into their supplements, and you’re never quite sure what you’re putting into your body.

The company has also been in business since 2006, which shows their products are practically selling themselves due to positive reviews like this one. The main advantage to legal steroid supplements is that they are powerful and come with little to no side effects.

Crazy Bulk Deals

. Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

. FREE stack of your choice when you send in your progress pics.





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Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and


ProbioSlim Supplement Review

ProbioSlim is a new supplement designed by Force Factor, the company behind the popular pre workout supplement – VolcaNO. In short, ProbioSlim is a probiotic supplement coupled with fat burning properties.

Probiotic: A living micro-organism containing non-pathogenic bacteria (the good kind!).



Claims to:

. Reduce diarrhoea

. Reduce constipation/gas/bloating

. Burn fat

. Increase energy

My Initial Thoughts

My first impression of ProbioSlim is positive, as it is a supplement that will improve your health. This sounds quite straightforward, but I have reviewed countless fitness/health supplements where manufacturers include harmful ingredients in a bid to make the supplement more powerful at bettering your physical appearance. This can come at a cost – your good health.


But with ProbioSlim being a probiotic, you may experience some of the following health benefits that have been linked with probiotics via several studies (listed in the references section). Getting a supplement probiotic is an alternative to other natural options such as yoghurts which have similar bacterial properties. However, probiotic sources such as yoghurts are often loaded with sugar and can contain dangerous sweeteners such as, Aspartame.

Probiotic Benefits

. Reduced allergies (1)

. Lowered blood pressure (2)

. Help lactose-intolerant individuals (3)

. Improving cholesterol (4)

. Stronger immune system  (5)

ProbioSlim™ - FORCE FACTOR - GNC




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Do the Ingredients in ProbioSlim Back up Their Claims?

LactoSpore® Bacillus coagulans 

LactoSpore is considered the king of all probiotics. But why is this? Bacillus coagulans is unique in the sense that it is the only probiotic with spore-forming attributes. In short, spores require zero nutrients to live. Thus this bacteria can not be killed by any external source such as extremely high/low temperatures, UV radiation or other chemicals. Bacillus coagulans is also undeterred by changes in PH, enabling it to survive several body processes including the acidic environment that is caused via bile in the liver.

For this reason, Lactospore comes with no storage requirements and has a long shelf life of approximately 2 years.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea leaf extract has a rich antioxidant profile, giving you even more health benefits. Green tea leaf is also a natural stimulant, creating a thermogenesis effect within the body and increasing your core temperature. Thermogenesis revs up your metabolism, meaning you will be able to burn more calories than usual at rest, promoting fat loss. This method of elevating your BMR is my favourite lazy way to burn fat! This spike in metabolism when coupled with a calorie deficit diet will lead to consistent and healthy weight loss; improving muscle tone and reducing side effects that come with surplus fat stores, such as decreased blood flow and bad (LDL) cholesterol levels.

With green tea leaf extract being a stimulant to the central nervous system, you will experience an increase in adrenaline. With higher adrenaline output you will have greater energy levels throughout the day, and if you’re like me, your general motivation will also improve.


I am always happy to recommend a healthy supplement like ProbioSlim and with it also containing fat burning properties, it’s a win-win. Force Factor offer free samples on all their products, enabling you to try out ProbioSlim for yourself!




Probiotics References

(1) Reduce allergies – Study

(2) Lower blood pressure – Study

(3) Help lactose intolerance – Study

(4) Improves cholesterol (HDL/LDL ratio) – Study

(5) Strengthens immunity – Study




My Favourite Fat Burner Supplement - Iron Cuts

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Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and


How to Get a Six Pack Eating Whatever You Want (IIFYM)

One of the biggest myths in bodybuilding is that to get shredded you have to eat “clean”. The science behind eating “clean” foods such as wholemeal and unrefined food sources is to prevent insulin levels from rising. The theory is that when insulin, the blood sugar controlling hormone, spikes; it can promote fat storage preventing you from burning the belly fat hiding your abs.

subwayThis all sounded pretty solid to me until I put it to the test. I ate pizza, Subway, Mcdonalds and literally anything I wanted. The end result was me looking the most ripped I have ever been.

Actually, I even incorporated junk foods into my diet when bulking too, so in theory my bulk should have resulted in extra fat acumulation. And my cut should have been less than optimal, with me storing extra fat whenever I spiked my insulin levels with a sugar rich snack.


The opposite was true…


How to get good fat loss results without eating clean?

I credit my results solely on monitoring my calories in vs calories out. If you eat less calories than your body burns, then you will burn fat. I discovered the types of foods you eat really don’t fluctuate this fact. The real benefit to eating clean though it for optimal health inside the body which you cannot see. Although I was exercising regularly and I got into good shape, my health would not be optimal due to eating junk foods each day.


The IIFYM (If it fits your macros) approach is similar to what I followed. The IIFYM addresses your calorie intake and your daily macronutrient intake – and followers believe that if these two details are met you will transform your body; and what foods you eat are irellevant.

mcdsFor example, you may get some IIFYM believers following a 40:35:25 diet, consisting of 40% of their calories coming from carbohydrates, 35% coming from protein and the reamining 25% coming from fats. In short, this means that if for one meal you can accomodate 70g of carbs and 50g protein and 30g of fat; this could technically be from steak and chips. Or a a couple of cheeseburgers and fries fom mcdonalds.

I do not believe that macronutrient ratios have any impact whatsoever. To me this methodology is needless and ineffective; but the calorie control part of IIFYM is the reason why it works and has positive reviews.

Using Junk Food to Raise Leptin Levels

Also when you diet for a period of time, your leptin levels will go down. Leptin is a powerful fat burning hormone, thus when low will slow down your progress. You can use “refeed days” where for just one day you will eat maintenance calories or eat in a small surplus. Incorporating junk foods during these days will also work in helping raise leptin levels for several days after.

Such refeed days can also replenish glycogen, helping your muscles look and feel more full. This added energy (glycogen) can result in bigger lifts in the gym the following day, helping bust through any plateaus you may have.


Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and


Myogenix AfterShock Recovery Review

Tim Muriello gives an insight into the Myogenix AfterShock ingredients, and how such a supplement is critical during the recovery process, to rebuild your muscle tissue bigger and stronger from your previous workout.

He also shares an insight into the different flavours and the taste of this post-workout supplement. The main advantage of Myogenix AfterShock Recovery is to speed up recovery and to take advantage of the “anabolic window” after your workouts, where your nutrition and supplementation are vital.


Myogenix AfterShock Recovery

Retail Price: $44.95

Your Price: $30.95

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Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and


High Reps or Heavy Weight Best for Building Muscle?

Tim Muriello and Rich Piana discuss whether lifting as heavy as possible with few reps is optimal for muscle growth vs a lighter weight and more reps approach.

Watch the video to discover:

. Rich Piana’s personal preference in his approach to bodybuilding

. The drawbacks in lifting too heavy and Tim’s personal experience

. How focusing on lifting heavier and heavier can be detrimental for building muscle

. How the getting ‘the pump’ can promote muscle growth and recovery allowing you to train more frequently.

Rich Piana Welcome to My World Mens Tank Grey with Black


Also be sure to check out Rich Piana’s awesome clothing range at: 






Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and


Do You Really Need to Supplement With Creatine Monohydrate?

Tim Muriello gives his insight into what Creatine really is, what it does, if he recommends taking it and how to do so to give you maximum gains from your workouts.

Tim speaks about:

. The background info on Creatine

. Cell volumisation

. Creatine dosage, including how to load Creatine Monoydrate effectively and how long to cycle it for

. ATP production for greater strength

. Different types of Creatine’s and variations


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Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and


Thermakor Review: Best Fat Burner?

My 3 Month Transformation – After 3 Bottles of Thermakor 

thermakor transformation



What I Noticed:

. Rapid Fat Loss

. Improved Muscle Tone and Definition

. Increased Energy




Save $38 with the 3 Month Bundle Deal

My fat loss really turbocharged during the later stages of supplementation – being in the 2nd and 3rd months. I recommend taking Thermakor for 90 consecutive days for best results. This is an ideal amount of time for your body to be in a fat burning environment and drop as many %’s of body fat as possible.

Saving $38 also brings down the cost of Thermakor supplementation, helping you save approximately $14 each month on average.

More About Thermakor

Thermakor is a popular fat burning supplement, thanks to its powerful and unique fat burning blend. Thermakor contains 100% natural ingredients including:



. Green Tea Extract

. Yohimbine

. Evodia

. Caffeine



The ingredients above will speed up your fat loss efforts via the process of thermogenesis. This is where your core body temperature increases and thus turbo charges your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. Stimulating thermogenesis with ingredients such as yohimbine, caffeine and green tea extract is one of the fastest ways to burn fat stores.

Appetite Suppressant

Eviodia is a less well-known ingredient in the Thermakor blend, but is one of my favourites. Evodia is great for suppressing your appetite and reducing cravings. I am a snacker and particularly love scoffing my face at night time before bed. Evodia really helps to curb this hunger keeping me on track and consistently in a calorie deficit.

Pumped Energy

Not only will your body fat % decrease whilst supplementing with Thermakor’s  ingredients, but your energy levels will also go through the roof. This is due to heightened adrenaline levels giving you that “motivated” and “pumped” feeling. This added energy can increase the intensity of your workouts, enhancing fat burning potential via increased energy expenditure.

As Thermakor uses all natural ingredients such as green tea extract and caffeine, you will not experience jitters and palpitations like many unnatural fat burners include, such as ephedra-based supplements for example.

No Side Effects

Due to Thermakor’s inclusion of safe and tested natural ingredients, it is thus side effect free. A lack of side effects is the most important factor for me when choosing a fat burner. After all, not only do you want your fat burner to get you ripped, but you don’t want to compromise your health simultaneously. This is where Thermakor gets a big thumbs up.

The only thing I would mention is that it’d be best not to take Thermakor to close to bedtime as adrenaline-release at this time is most likely going to keep you up. Simply taking Thermakor earlier in the day will prevent insomnia.

Studies on Thermakor’s ingredients

. “Higher caffeine and green tea intake increases fat loss”

– Pubmed study (see below)

caffeine study



“Yohimbine significantly reduced body fat % and is a suitable fat loss strategy for elite athletes”.



“Weight and fat mass significantly reduced. Evodia also prevented the a person gaining perivisceral fat”


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Discount Code: worldsfittest



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Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and


Buy Legal Steroids

The number one website to buy legal steroids from is 

Crazy Mass are FDA inspected, meaning they are a trustworthy and reliable company; contrary to other unregulated steroid-selling websites.

Crazy Mass

Crazy Mass have some of the most powerful legal steroids on the market, tailored to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to get huge and bulk up in the winter or get super shredded for the summer; they have the best steroids to help you transform your body.

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Crazy Mass ships to all countries. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours and will get to you in the next 3 working days.

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. Trenbalone

. Anadroll

. Decka


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. Winstral

. Clenn

. Paravar

. Testosterone

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Ernst is the founder of After transforming his body dramatically within the space of a year, Ernst aims to help others achieve a better body by passing on his knowledge through his posts on WF and Facebook statuses. Follow Ernst and his journey on Facebook and